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Salavan is a southern province of Laos. Covering an area of 16,389 km2 (6,328 sq. mil.), it borders Savannakhet Province to the north, Vietnam to the east, Xekong Province to the southeast, Champasak Province to the south and Thailand to the west. It has a total population of approximately 397,000 people and is divided into 8 districts and 588 villages. Bearing the same name as the province, Salavan City – the provincial capital – sits atop Bolaven Plateau, an ancient volcano that erupted millions of years ago. The city is the administrative, economic, and cultural center of the province. It is reachable by routes 15, 20 and 23. The province is home to 10 distinctive ethnic groups, many of which are small in population, but have their own language. Their houses, lifestyles, beliefs, cultures and rituals are unique and very fascinating. Once this region is easily accessible by road, it will become a popular cultural tourism destination.

XeXap National Protected Area starts just to the east of Ta Oy and expands eastward beyond the Lao-Vietnamese border. It is an important bird sanctuary for the country and home to a variety of evergreens. On the northwest of the province, there is Xe Bang Nouan National Protected Forest. PhouXieng Thong Forest Reserve is the only national protected area on the Mekong River. It covers the entire western border of Salavan and a part of Champasak territory.

Currently, there are 327 investment projects operating in the province, 106 of which are privately owned. Local and central investment promotion authorities invite domestic and foreign investors to explore potential environmentally and socially sustainable investment potentials in this beautiful province.

The Lao government is committed to environmentally and socially sustainable development. Therefore, investor(s) will be required to complete either an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), for smaller projects with minimal impacts, or an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), for larger projects that involve the public and seeks to mitigate negative impacts while maximizing benefits.


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Investment Profile Project

Ta Oi Market Development Project


Cassava Dehydration Business


Eco-Hotel Development Project (Not available)


Comprehensive Tire Manufacturing Project


Toum Lan Municipality Market


Tire Manufacturing Project in Khongxedon


Eco-Tourist Development Project on Saravan-Ubolrajathani Border