One Stop Service


in promoting and attracting the investments from private sectors in the social-economic development of the country, on 25 April 2018, Ministry of Planning and Investment has established an One-Stop Service in line with the Investment Promotion Law (Amended 2016), with focuses on providing investments in the Lao PDR with more facility, transparency, and agility, as the investment from private sectors is an important task for the national social-economic growth and development. It can bring capitals, modern technologies, technical knowledge and wider market approaches into Laos. The One-Stop Service is also the institute which provides all-round services and facilities to the investors with information, consideration and approval processes of investment projects, issuance of Investment License and other investment notices.


abbreviated as “OSSO”, is the permanent office of the Committee for Investment Promotion and Management where investment one-stop service is provided to investors. The investment one-stop service office consists of two levels as follows:
1. Central investment one-stop service office, abbreviated as “COSSO”; and
2. Provincial investment one-stop service office, abbreviated as “POSSO”.

Foreign Affairs Sector has the roles and responsibilities in approving entry visa to Lao PDR and multiple entry-exit visas through Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The IPD’s primary functions include: promoting Laos as an investment destination, offering investment incentives, screening investment proposals, collecting investment data and monitoring investment practices.

The application for registering the concession registration certificate(electricity, mine, agriculture and other activities in relations to concessions, rights concessions and tactical activities) has the following procedures

Enterprise registration is the acceptance of lawful enterprise establishment for both domestic and foreign individual and legal entity, which is established and carries out business operations in Lao PDR

Requesting tax identity number of investors in concession activities and general activities (concession registration certificate or enterprise registration certificate) shall comply with the procedures stipulated by One-Stop Service.

After entering with NI-B2 business visa, the investors can apply the stay permit card via IOSSO, Investment Promotion Department