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Visa & Stay Permit Card

Visa Service and Service of stay permit card

Foreign Affairs Sector has the roles and responsibilities in approving entry visa to Lao PDR and multiple entry-exit visas through Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 1. Entry-Exit visa of Lao PDR consists of 13 types.

1 Diplomatic visa D - A1
2 Official visa    S - A2
3 Courtesy visa    C - B1
4 Tourist visa    T - B3
5 Short-term visa  NI - B3
6 Long-term visa  I - B3
7 Permanent visa   P- B3
8 Expert visa E - B2
9 Transit visa    TR - B3
10 Student visa  ST - B2
11 Media visa   M - B2
12 Business visa for foreign investors NI - B2  or I - B2
13 Technical visa,foreign employee LA - B2

2. Persons entitled to apply for business visa type NI - B2 and LA – B2 for entry into Lao PDR.

  1. Foreign investors
  2. Stockholders
  3. Director
  4. Deputy Director
  5. Technical officers and family


3. Standards and terms for business visa applicants of NI-B2 orLA-B2 visa types into Lao PDR.

  1. Be an investor legally approved by the Government of Lao PDR.
  2. For stockholders(must be enlisted in company’s regulations and certified by Investment Promotion Department or Planning and Investment Sector and Industry and Commerce Sector of provinces, municipal).
  3. Directors, deputy directors who have no shares or are not investors must arrange for the Work Permit Card from Skill Development and Employment Department first.
  4. For technical officers

(Companies must propose their requirements to utilize foreign technical labour through Skill Development and Employment Department of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare or through Labour Section of provinces, municipal).


4. Procedures and documentation for NI-B2, LA-B2 business visa application.

1)      Procedures of NI-B2business visa application for foreign investors and family.

          Investors who have been approved for investments in Lao PDR (possess Investment license or concession license and enterprise registration certificate) can submit the request to OSS, IPD, MPI. The Investment Promotion Department will prepare a document for Immigration and Emigration Department to check the Lao PDR entry-prohibited persons in the database.

          In case the investors have submitted the application for investment to Planning and Investment (PI) Sectors and Industry and Commerce (IC) Sectors, the investors can also apply for a short stay visa while awaiting the consideration procedures of applying for the investment. If the consideration of the application for investment has not been completed, applying for further stay can also be done at Immigration and Emigration Department of Ministry of PS or if in provinces, applying for further stay can be submitted to the PS Headquarters of the province.  The application for the visa can be submitted via Investment One-Stop Service Office of Planning and Investment Sector for the investors’ facilities.

2)      Procedures of LA-B2 business visa application for foreign technicians.

          Foreign technical officers who are posted in the projects or companies want to apply for LA-B2 visas must have the quota approval for foreign employee utilization, approval of foreign employee import, investment license, concession registration certificate or enterprise registration certificate attached to the proposal of Investment Promotion Department or company for submission to Immigration and Emigration Department to check through entry prohibited person name list of Lao PDR in the database.

            After Immigration and Emigration Department has verified, the documents will be submitted to Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the approval of visa issuance at Consulate in foreign countries and at international check points in all over the country that visa-on-arrival unit exits, based on the ease of the project or company for their investors.

          The OSS of IPD will then coordinate with IED of Ministry of PS and Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval.  The investors must advise in the proposal the location of their B2 visa collection, i.e.a Lao embassy or consulate in a foreign country or at a visa-on-arrival unit of an international checkpoint of Lao PDR, the Consular Department will then issue the approval of visa-on-arrival to the investors for hand carry to the visa-on-arrival unit to request the entry visa into Lao PDR.  The process of approval takes 8 official working days from the date of OSS’s registry.


Procedures of document submission for NI-B2 business visas

3)      Complementary documents comprise of:

  1. Proposal form of the company:1set;

  2. Copy of investment license, Concession registration certificate (colour copy):1 copy;

  3. Copy of enterprise registration certificate+tax registration certificate (colour copy):1 copy;

  4. Copy of passport:3 copies;


5. Procedures of business visa application with 3-month, 6-month and 1 year multiple entry-exit validity.

1. Central and Vientiane Capital levels: Investors whose investment is approved at central or Vientiane Capital level must receive NI-B2 visa for entry into Lao PDR and the stay permit card from Foreigner Management Department of Ministry of PS before being able to submit the request via OSS of Investment Promotion Department of Ministry of PI for multiple entry-exit visa services of investors.

2. Local levels: Investors whose investment is approved at local levels (provinces) and must receive NI-B2 business visa for entry into Lao PDR and the stay permit card from foreigner control police section of Provincial Police Headquarters before being able to submit the request via OSS of provincial PI section to facilitate the investors, in case any province cannot provide technical service,the investors can submit their request via OSS of Investment Promotion Department of Ministry of PI or if the investors intend to submit their multiple entry-exit visa in person, they can submit directly to Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Last update: 20 March 2018.