B. Project Development Agreement (Project Development Agreement “PDA”)/Concession Agreement (Concession Agreement “CA”)

After signing the MOU and exploring clearly the land area, as well as legalizing the economic-technical analysis, report of Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) or Initial Environment Examination (IEE) through the procedural regulations of agriculture–forestry sector and natural resource and environment sector, the investors can submit to the PI sector to apply for the development or activity operation steps by signing Project Development Agreement(PDA)/Concession Agreement(CA)with the Government.

After signing Project Development Agreement (PDA)/Concession Agreement (CA) with Government, domestic or foreign investors must establish the Project Company to operate the activities or to organize and implement Project Development Agreement/Concession Agreement, whose concession registration certificate will be issued by Planning and Investment sector. After that, the investors can organize and operate the project in line with the project economic-technical analysis and regulations of Lao PDR.

Processes for considering the approval requests and issuing concession registration certificate (agricultural activities)