The Government promotes investment in all economic sectors, both domestic and foreign, by formulating policies to create a favorable investment climate, including construction of infrastructure, providing necessary information, customs and tax policies, labor, and the rights to land use; access to finance, equal treatment, promoting awareness and protecting ownership regarding use rights, usufruct rights, inheritance rights, transfer rights and other rights as provided by law.

The Government promotes the investment in all sectors, business operations and in areas throughout the country except for areas and business operations which are considered detrimental to national security, the natural environment, at present and in long-term, public health and national culture.

The Government also provides special incentives for Government’s prioritized sectors appropriately as set out in a separate regulation.

Investment in Laos consists of 2 types: General business and Concession investment

For General business consists of the following types:
  1. Business activities under controlled business list One-Stop Service (OSS) Planning and Investment Sector (See Decree on The Endorsement of the [Business Activities under] the Controlled Business List and the Concession List of Lao PDR No.03/PM, Dated 10.01.2019);
  2. Business activities outside controlled business list Industry and Commerce Sector. (See Decision on Enterprise Registration No. .0023/MOIC.DERM, Dated 9.01.2019);

For the Business activities outside controlled business list are businesses opened for general businesses and which may be file for enterprise registration and shall be authorized for operation according to the Enterprise Law and relevant regulations. Investors wishing to invest in general business not included in the controlled business list shall submit an application to industry and commerce sector authority for enterprise registration as set out in the Enterprise Law and other relevant regulations.

Enterprise registration is the acceptance of lawful enterprise establishment for both domestic and foreign individual and legal entity, which is established and carries out business operations in Lao PDR, which is a one-time registration that is valid throughout its operations.