Non-Tax Incentives

The government provides the following incentives to all foreign investors:

Permission to bring in foreign nationals to undertake investment feasibility studies.

Permission to bring in foreign technicians, experts, and managers if qualified Lao nationals are not available to work on investment  projects.

Permission to lease land for up to 20 years from a Lao national and up to 50 years from the government.

Permission to own all improvements and structures on the leased land, transfer leases to other entities, and permission to sell or remove improvements or structures.

Facilitation of entry and exit visa facilities and work  permits for expatriate personnel.

The government also offers guarantees against nationalization, expropriation, or requisition without compensation. Under the IP Law, the government does not offer incentives of import protection (in the form of increasing duties or banning imports) for import substituting investments and it does not provide measures to restrict  further entry to reduce competition for current investors. The policy of not  reducing market competition as an incentive for investors is not a feature of  the foreign investment systems of most other countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, in the region.

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Last update: 07 May 2019.