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2. Approval Procedures for General Activities

2.1  Composition of investment application form:

  • Business registered forms (Obtaining from MOIC)
  • Business plan or Feasibility Study of the Business.
  • Joint venture agreement (in case there are more than two share holders).
  • Draft Articles of Association of the enterprise which will be established in the Laos.
  • Certified documents for corporate income tax paid for the past three years retroactively in case of investment proposed by entity(s).
  • Other certified documents of the investors: (1) Biographic information; (2) Copy of a passport; (3) Copy card and criminal record in case of domestic investors; (4) 6 copies of 3 X 4cm recent photos of the person who will be general manager or representative in the Lao PDR.

2.2    Location for submitting investment application for the general business

Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC)

Department of Enterprises Registration and Management,

Phonxay Road, Ban Phonxay, Xaysetha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Tel: +856-21-415929, +856-21-412435   Fax: +856-21-412013

Website Address:


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Last update: 28 November 2019.