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Investment Application and Approval Procedures

1. Procedures for Investment Approval in Lao PDR

1.1 General business

General business is an investment in the general business sector including businesses defined in the list of controlled businesses and it is not a concession business.

1.2 Concession business

Concession business refers to investment activities authorized by the Government to utilize ownership and other rights of the Government in conformity with regulations, for the purpose of developing and conducting business operations; these include rights on land concession, minerals, electric power, airlines, telecommunication, insurance and financial institutions.

The list of concession activities is determined by the Government.

1.3 Activities for Development of Special Economic and Specific Economic Zones

Activities in the development of special economic zones are investment for the purpose of construction of complete infrastructure and new city development.

Activities in the development of specific economic zones are investment for the purpose of construction of infrastructure and development of each zone as required for the specific zones in accordance to actual conditions and laws; including industrial zones, export processing zones, touristic zones, etc.

The organization and activities of special economic zones and specific economic zones (SEZ) are determined in separate regulations.investors who wish to invest in SEZ shall submit the application for the investment to the SEZ.

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Last update: 28 November 2019.