Agricultural Activities

Application for land investment/land concession in agricultural activities

A.  The application for approval for studying the project possibility and application for signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

            The investors with business operation objectives in agriculture activities and with government’s land concession requirement must request the approval for primary data collection from agriculture sector or Planning and Investment (PI) sector, then coordinate with concerned sectors at local levels. After having the primary data on land area and project location, the investors can submit the investment request to PI sector at central or local levels to request the approval in signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government for detailed exploration in the land area, with the agreement from concerned sectors, mainly from Natural Resource and Environment Sector and Agriculture and Forestry Sector.


Industrial-Services and Others

1. Application for state-owned land concession in industrial sector and service investment

  • Investors (legal entity) having their objectives to invest in the activity in relations to state-owned land concession for the establishment of factory,industry and services, i.e. cement factory, concession for market construction, trade centres, tourism resorts, accommodations, public parks, residences and others that use state-owned land must submit their request via Investment One-Stop Service Office of Planning and Investment sector (see details of the activity in Annexe3: Concession activity in the implemented constitute of Investment Promotion Law No. 119/PM).


-   State-owned land concession for all type investment must submit the request via Planning and Investment for the issuance of concession registration certificate and keeping the contract.


Mineral Activities

Application for Investment in Mineral Activities

A.  Procedures of Prospecting and Exploration.

-        Investors (legal entity) whose objectives are to operate the mineral business must request the approval for primary data collection of any minerals from natural resource and environment sector (by submitting the request to Geology Department, MoNRE or provincial Natural Resource and Environment Sector);

-        The primary data collection will be conducted in the office and at the site to study the mineral appearance locations, environment and collect the surface sample for analysis (and that the record of the primary data collection and the report of primary mineral data collection will be made);


Licensing, Fees and Services

Procedures for requesting the registration of concession registration certificate and Investment license.

            The application for registering the concession registration certificate(electricity, mine, agriculture and other activities in relations to concessions, rights concessions and tactical activities) has the following procedures in issuing concession registration certificates:


Electricity Activities

Application for the investment in electricity activities

A.  Request an approval for project feasibility study or request the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Investors who have objectives in running their business in hydro-powers must request the approval in primary data collection from Energy-Mine Sector in order to set their desired project location.


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Last update: 28 November 2019.