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One Stop Service Guide Book      Investment Guide Book         Costs of doing business 2015  


Complementary documents in submitting the request for mining sector and energy power sector

Complementary documents submitted for the request of establishing the representative office (RO) and renewal of RO

Complementary documents in submitting the request for Insurance, Financial, Airlines Institutes, Telecommunication and Others and the renewal of investment license, concession license


Complementary documents requesting the change of company's stockholders and the relocation of the company/RO 

Complementary documents in submitting the request for land concession in agricultural, industrial and service activities

 Complementary documents requesting the company activity expansion and an increase in total capital or registered fund


 Complementary documents requesting the change of director and the amendment of investment license or concession registration certificate 

 Complementary documents requesting activity cease or permanent cancellation of the company and close down of company/RO

 Complementary documents requesting the renewal of MOU or contract of project and Cost of application form and service fees





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Last update: 20 March 2018.