IPD In Brief: from the DDFI to IPD

The Investment Promotion Department (IPD), operating under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, formerly known as the Department for Promotion and Management of Domestic and Foreign Investment (DDFI) from 2004-2007, administers the foreign investment system and reviews investment applications in accordance to the Investment Promotion Law.

The main laws governing the promotion of investment are the Law on the Promotion and Management of Foreign Investment (2004), the Law on Domestic Investment (2004), the Enterprise Law (2005), the Customs Law (2005), and the Tax Law (2005), the new Investment Promotion Law (2009). The IPD is the first stop for providing information on the investment process in Laos.The IPD’s primary functions include: promoting Laos as an investment destination, offering investment incentives, screening investment proposals, collecting investment data and monitoring investment practices. Our Web site is another way we make information readily available and provide easy access to the IPD and investment in Laos. The IPD has established a “One Stop Service” or OSS to facilitate foreign investors throughout the process of applying for investment licenses. OSS also offers aftercare services to existing investors.

The Government of the Lao PDR established the Committee for Investment Promotion (CIP)[1] at the central and local levels as follows:

Its duty is to promote and facilitate domestic and foreign investments, organize meetings to consider the investment work, research, report, consider, approve or refuse application for investment, amendment, transfer of shares, renewal, improvement, change, cease or cancellation of investment activities or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Project Development Agreement (PDA) and Concession Agreement (CA)and others (Article 23: Rights and Duties of CIP in implementing Investment Promotion Law No. 119/PM).

CIP at central level:

Committee for Investment Promotion, abbreviated to: “CIP” is established to promote and facilitate the work related to domestic and foreign investments in Lao PDR. It consists of Deputy Ministers, Director-General and Deputy Director General, Chief-Vice Chief of Section andtechnical officersfrom concerned ministries appointed by the Prime Minister. The Chair of the central CIP is the Minister of Planning and Investment and the Vice Chair is the Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment who supervises investment work. There is also an Investment Promotion Department (IPD) acting as a Permanent Office with One-Stop-Service (OSS).

CIP at local level:

Committee for Investment Promotion at local levels consists of Head/Section Committee and technical officers from concerned provincial sections appointed by provincial governors. CIP at local levels is presided by provincial governors, Major and vice-presided by provincial vice-governors, Vice Major directing economic work, which utilizes the Provincial Department for Planning and Investment (DPI) as permanent offices with One-Stop-Service (OSS) located in the Investment Unit of the Department for Planning and Investment.


[1] Roles and functions of CIP at each level are provided for in Articles 22, 23 of Decree on the Implementation of the Investment Promotion Law number 119/PM, dated: 20 April 2011 and the Agreement for Assignment of CIP Number 30/PM, dated: 29 Feb 2012.